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3MM Beryllium Copper Thin Rod Imported From Japan
Wonder Copper is a specialized innovative copper alloy manufacturer with professional research and development team, modern production line, and rigorous quality management system. Wonder Copper's main products are copper alloys, including Tellurium copper C14500, Red copper C11000/C10200, Dispersion strengthened Copper C15715, etc.
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C17200 Beryllium Copper Ring
  • Features:Strong conductivity, wear resistance, low temperature resistance, non-magnetic, high conductivity, impact and no sparks, etc., and has excellent heat resistance, fatigue resistance, and corrosion resistance
  • Application:Electronic connectors, thermostats, electrical connectors, micro-motor brushes, various high-performance switches, contacts, contact bridges, springs, clips, washers, membranes, diaphragms, bolts, screws and high-performance shrapnel.
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Beryllium Bronze Thin Tube
  • 1. Tensile strength, yield strength and hardness are all medium values, good processability, can be used
  • 2. High annealing resistance and wear resistance, as well as good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity
  • 3. Excellent mechanical and physical properties, high annealing performance, excellent wear resistance
  • 4. High hardness, high wear resistance, can further extend the service life
  • 5. High annealing resistance, high thermal and electrical conductivity, and excellent heat resistance at high temperatures
  • 6. High precision, high finish, high wear resistance, fatigue resistance 50,000 times without deformation.
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