Top-Tier Beryllium Copper Workshop

Wonder Copper, as a beryllium copper contract factory, offers the unparalleled precision with a fast and cost-effective method for supply high quality for beryllium copper and other copper(Brass Profiles/ Aluminum Bronze Alloy/BECOCU/CRZRCU etc.,). While equipped with the advanced equipments, our company provides other beryllium application services(Beryllium Copper Products And Cnc Machining).

Our Core Values

Value Teamwork

All of our subsidiaries are certified by Acc.ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System.We, Wonder Copper Alloys Co., Ltd., are committed to provide consistently high quality products and services to satisfy our global customers’ various and on-going demands based on our groups principle – Mutual Benefit, Fair Business and Obey Contract Strictly.


Wonder Copper Company founded in 2003. In our first 10 years, we had the opportunity to listen to our customers, provide solutions and grow our business. we Expanded our plant and add advanced machines to reflect our diverse services. Our ownership, management team, and highly skilled people have remained through the years.

Our Mission Statement

To DELIVER EXCEPTIONAL VALUE to our customers by providing superior beryllium copper solutions through our dedicated people and innovative technology, while maintaining an environment that is clean, safe, and stimulates employee growth and morale. Customers rely on us to minimize risk and provide high-value solutions. Through open communication, trust and performance, we create a win/win experience for all involved.


Wonder Copper’ modern manufacturing facilities total approximately 5000 square feet. We have taken the same care in the design and maintenance of our facilities as we do with the Solving the beryllium copper problem. This has resulted in efficient work flow, a safe and comfortable working environment for our valued employees, and plenty of room for additional growth.

Our Equipments

These advanced machines help us to provide beryllium copper custom service and machining processes such as forging.milling, boring, turning, threading, tapping, thread milling, and many others.
China Beryllium Copper Forging Equipment
China Beryllium Copper Forging Factory
Wonder Smelting Workshop
Wonder Smelting Workshop
CMM detector
Smelting Devices
China Beryllium Copper Forging Shop

Key Customers

Learn More About Wonder Copper Inc
From company history to new career opportunities, learn more about wonder copper inc and why we are the best manufacturer for your needs.
China beryllium copper production workshop
Beryllium copper processing program: slitting-calendering-electroplating-painting-inspection
A Corner Of Beryllium Copper Production
Wonder Copper integrates a series of regular questions about beryllium copper and beryllium copper inventory
China Beryllium Copper Forging Factory
Wonder Copper integrates the processing and cutting equipment list and testing equipment list of beryllium copper
Wonder Copper Honor Certificate; Wonder Copper integrates a list of honor certificates for beryllium copper
Beryllium Copper Machining
Wonder Copper has a reputation for machining quality parts from Beryllium Copper.
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