Calculation Method Of Beryllium Bronze Weight

Beryllium Copper Machining Generally Speaking:

Beryllium raw material ore-crushing-grinding-screening-made of beryllium oxide-reduced metal beryllium-melting-proportioning-solid melting-forging processing-opening embryo and other links, the formation of copper beryllium bar material is generally drawn and extruded 2 Species, not much to say here.

Because the price of beryllium copper is relatively high, general mold manufacturers require the theoretical weight calculation to be used as a reference for cost quotation.

Therefore, our company first expressed the weight calculation method of beryllium copper mold material as follows:

Weight calculation formula of beryllium copper block material:

Length × width × thickness × density (8.4) × number of pieces ÷ 1000000; you can get the theoretical weight of the beryllium copper block, because it is converted into kilograms, so the unit conversion will be done later, directly divided by 1000000.

The formula for calculating the weight of beryllium copper bar:

The square of the radius × 3.14 × length × density (8.4) × number of pieces ÷ 1000000; you can get the theoretical weight of beryllium copper bar stock.

The above calculation of the weight of beryllium copper does not include the processing allowance, in fact, the wire cutting method generally leaves a margin of 1-2 mm.

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