Beryllium Copper Plate Application In Plastic Mould

The thermal conductivity of the beryllium copper material is conducive to controlling the temperature of the plastic processing mold, making it easier to control the molding cycle, while ensuring the uniformity of the mold wall temperature.

If the forming cycle of beryllium copper is much smaller than that of the steel mold, the average temperature of the mold can be reduced by about 20%. When the difference between the average release temperature and the average wall temperature of the mold is small (for example). Using beryllium copper mold material can shorten the cooling time by 40%.

The mold cost budget and the continuity of production are very important to the manufacturer. Under the condition that the strength and hardness of beryllium copper meet the requirements, the insensitivity of beryllium copper to the mold temperature stress can greatly increase the service life of the mold.

Before determining the beryllium copper mold material, the bending of beryllium copper should also be considered. Use strength, elastic modulus, thermal conductivity and temperature expansion coefficient. The thermal stress resistance of beryllium copper is significantly stronger than that of die steel.

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