List of Beryllium Copper Modules And Features

What is a beryllium copper module? What are the characteristics of a beryllium copper module?

Beryllium copper module introduction

The beryllium copper module is actually well understood. It is a module made of beryllium copper.

Beryllium copper modules are various molds and tools used in industrial production to obtain the required products by methods such as injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, die casting or forging, smelting, stamping, and stretching.

Features of Beryllium Copper Module

The beryllium copper module material is applied to the mold due to its high thermal conductivity, high hardness, fine texture, and high finish. However, the price of beryllium copper is relatively high, and the mold factory is often only used in places that require high heat dissipation. It limits the wide range of applications of beryllium copper. The manufacturing process of beryllium copper blocks is similar to other coppers, with only a few differences.

Beryllium copper module machining

Beryllium copper machining generally includes the following processes-beryllium raw material ore-crushing-grinding-screening-making beryllium oxide-reducing metal beryllium-melting-proportioning-solid melting-forging processing-embryo opening and other links.

There are generally two types of beryllium copper rods: drawn and extruded, so I won’t discuss them here.

Beryllium copper module price: due to the high price of beryllium copper, general mold manufacturers require the theoretical weight calculation first for reference in cost quotation.

Classification of beryllium copper modules: In a larger scope, the physical materials of beryllium copper modules are generally divided into two types; 1-structural materials 2-functional materials. Functional materials refer to electrical, magnetic, optical, and biological materials other than mechanical properties. , Chemistry and other special materials. Structural materials generally mainly focus on the mechanics of their materials and various conventional physical properties. In this sense, beryllium copper should be a structural material. Compared with other brass and copper, beryllium copper should be said to be a light metal .

The thermal conductivity of the beryllium copper module: the thermal conductivity of the beryllium copper material is beneficial to control the temperature of the plastic processing mold, and it is easier to control the molding cycle, while ensuring the uniformity of the mold wall temperature; if compared with the steel mold, the molding of the beryllium copper The cycle is much smaller, and the average temperature of the mold can be reduced by about 20%. When the difference between the average ejection temperature and the average wall temperature of the mold is small (for example, when the mold parts are not easy to be cooled), use beryllium copper mold material and cool The time can be reduced by 40%. The mold wall temperature is only reduced by 15%; the characteristics of the above beryllium copper mold materials will bring several benefits to the mold manufacturers using this material to shorten the molding cycle and increase the productivity; the uniformity of the mold wall temperature improves the quality of the drawn products; The structure of the mold is simplified because the cooling pipes are reduced; the material temperature can be increased, thereby reducing the wall thickness of the product and reducing the cost of the product.

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