What Is The Hot Rolled And Cold Rolled Of Copper

Hot rolling method of beryllium copper alloy plate

Except for a few types of beryllium-copper alloy plates such as tin-zinc-lead bronze and negative-lead brass, they must pass the hot-rolling technology process. Products related to the hot-rolled condition are all directly rolled by hot-rolling. The hot rolling method of beryllium copper alloy plate is the production method of rolling after the billet is heated. It makes full use of the high temperature plasticity and low deformation resistance of the metal, and selects a large reduction rate to increase the production rate and achieve the purpose of high efficiency and energy saving. However, the products produced by hot rolling have large deviations in dimensions, poor surface quality and difficult to control functions. Therefore, the hot rolling method is mostly used to produce products with broken plates or strips and low precision requirements.

Cold rolling method of beryllium copper alloy plate

The cold rolling method of beryllium-copper alloy plate is to select smaller-scale ingots or hot-rolled slabs, and roll them without heating the ingots. It is mainly used for beryllium copper alloy plates that cannot be formed under hot conditions, as well as products in various hard, soft, and heat-treated conditions, which must be cold rolled. Although the cold rolling process rate is low, the center requires multiple annealing, and the yield rate is not as high as that of hot rolling, it is still the primary method widely used in production today.

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