What Is Beryllium Copper 275C

Beryllium copper 275C is an alloy. Beryllium copper casting alloy parts have high conductivity and high strength. Precision casting, gravity casting, sand casting, centrifugal casting and pressure casting can all be used to produce beryllium copper castings. The high content of beryllium makes the alloy liquid Increased fluidity and has a clean function. Beryllium copper has excellent precision replication performance and can be solid solution and aging heat treated to achieve the required strength and hardness. The Rockwell hardness can reach HRC40 after heat treatment.

Beryllium copper 275C (C82800)-Beryllium copper casting alloy 275C

Chemical composition: Be 2.5~2.85%, Co 0.35~0.7%, Si 0.2~0.35% Cu balance

Physical properties

  • Density: 8.09 g/cmat20°C
  • Melting point: 870-950°C
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion: 17×10/°C at20-300°C
  • Thermal conductivity p: 0.20-0.30cal/cm/cm/sec/°C
  • Electrical conductivity: 17-23%IACS at20°C
  • Specific heat: 0.1cal/g/°C
  • Elastic modulus: 132kN/mm

Cast beryllium copper alloy ingot 275C is widely used in electronics, machinery, explosion-proof appliances, aerospace, shipbuilding and other sectors, and is also an alloy material for precision casting such as glasses accessories, handicrafts, jewelry pieces, precision parts and plastic molds.Cast beryllium copper alloy ingot 275C has excellent fluidity and heat dissipation performance.

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