What Is CZ122 (CW617N) Stamping Brass

CZ122 (CW617N) is classified as stamped brass and is mainly supplied as a bar for forging blanks, although it is also free-formed. The material is mainly composed of 59% copper, 39% zinc and 2% lead. Lead is finely dispersed throughout the microstructure.

CZ122 (CW617N) perfectly combines thermal processing and mechanical processing performance, and is most commonly used to produce more complex hot-pressed parts. If plates are needed to complete the contract, the equivalent grade of the material is CZ122 (CW617N).

The Main Features Of CZ122

  • Excellent thermoforming properties
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • High processability grade

The Typical Use Of CZ122

CZ122 (CW617N) is used for various hot forging and pressing parts, including sanitary appliances, door furniture, window fittings, faucets and valve parts, auto parts, decorations, brackets, fixtures, housings, gears, cams, nuts, clocks and watch parts And other parts that require high precision machining.

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