Beryllium Copper Application in the Folding Screen Mobile Phone Hinge

At the moment when the mobile phone industry is looking for larger and larger screens, the folding form has become a new direction for smart phones, and the hinge design has become the key to the success of folding phones.

A key technology of folding screen mobile phones is folding. On the one hand, the mobile phone must be absolutely flat after long-term use and repeated folding. On the other hand, when folding and unfolding, it must be ensured that the mobile phone can be turned stably and smoothly and ensure the screen operation Normally, the hinge has become the most critical place among them, almost determining the success or failure of the folding screen.

The internal components of the hinge are very complicated, and it contains many high-precision metal parts, among which beryllium copper alloy exists. C17200 beryllium copper is called “the king of non-ferrous metal elasticity”, which has high strength, high elasticity and other characteristics. It also has excellent compression resistance, resilience and corrosion resistance, and has a long service life, which can ensure that it will not be deformed during the folding process and increase the folding life.



Compared with china beryllium copper, Japanese beryllium copper uses fewer impurities, and the smelting equipment and processing technology are more complete than domestic ones, so the quality of the products produced is also much better. The use of imported beryllium copper material in the folding screen mobile phone can greatly enhance the strength of the folding screen hinge. The red circle in the picture is where the hinge is!

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