How To Distinguish Nickel Silver Copper And Phosphor Copper

Beryllium copper is widely used as important elastic components, wear-resistant parts and explosion-proof tools in a kind of Tin free bronze with beryllium as the main alloy component. The typical use of beryllium bronze processing materials is as current-carrying reeds, connectors, contacts, fastening springs, leaf springs and coil springs, bellows, bellows and lead frames in electronic devices. Today Wonder beryllium copper manufacturer takes you to distinguish between nickel silver and phosphor copper.

  • 1. look at the appearance; cupronickel has a beautiful white appearance and has a bright appearance, while phosphor bronze has a reddish yellow appearance.
  • 2. Look at the composition; cupronickel is about 57% copper, a small amount of lead is about 0.03% and a small amount of iron is about 0.25%, while phosphor copper is a bronze with tin and phosphorus as the main elements, and the tin content is between 2 and 8%, the phosphorus content is about 0.1 to 0.4%.
  • 3. Looking at the material, common cupronickel elements are C7701 and C7521, which are generally divided into zinc cupronickel and nickel cupronickel, while the common elements of phosphor bronze are C5191 and C5210.
  • 4.look at performance; white copper has high fatigue and corrosion resistance, and has superior ductility. It is mainly used for mobile phone shields, medical machinery, crystal shells, electrical sliding sheets and accessories, musical instruments, etc. ;Looking at the phosphor copper has high toughness, high wear resistance and good elasticity and corrosion resistance. A small amount of phosphor improves the mechanical properties. It is mainly used for electrical and electronic spring inserts, switches, lead frames, vibrating sheet connectors and terminals And harmonica is also often used as gong material and so on.
  • 5.look at the price; due to the difference in composition and chemical element content between nickel silver and phosphor copper, the price of phosphor copper and copper-nickel alloy is different, and the price of copper-nickel alloy is higher than that of phosphor bronze.

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