The Method Of Adjusting Roll Shape

What are the adjustment methods of beryllium copper manufacturers to adjust the roll shape?

1. Temperature control method

Beryllium copper manufacturers artificially supply or absorb heat to certain parts of the roll, change the temperature distribution of the roll, and achieve the purpose of controlling the roll shape through thermal expansion and contraction. C17200 beryllium copper plate rolling speed increase, pass processing rate increase, rolling strength increase, conflict increase, rolling time increase, etc., will cause the increase of roll temperature and increase of roll body thermal expansion crown.

For this reason, the C17200 beryllium copper plate rolling process must adopt the opposite method to achieve the stability of the roll shape according to the influence of each element on the crown. Such as adopting segmented cooling or lubrication, increasing or decreasing the rolling speed, or adjusting the reduction schedule, that is, the rolling force, to control the roll shape. These are commonly used methods, the adjustment speed is slow, and the scale of adjustment is limited, not all situations are useful.

2. Bending roll control method

One of the most widely used and most useful methods for beryllium copper manufacturers in recent years is the hydraulic bending method. That is, artificial bending pressure is applied to the work roll, the support roll or between the two to change the deflection of the roll, or use their induction effect to control the roll shape of the C17200 beryllium copper plate.

3. Joint adjustment of roll traverse and bending roll

This is a new control method for the HC rolling mills of beryllium copper manufacturers over the years. It is adjusted by the horizontal movement of the rolls. When the center roll is adjusted to the proper position, the deflection of the work roll is not affected by the change of the rolling force. The lateral stiffness is equivalent to infinity. When the horizontal movement is combined with the zigzag, the effect will be very good. This is a new technology produced by modern C17200 beryllium copper plate rolling.

4. Roller control by tension method

When C17200 beryllium copper plate is rolled, the beryllium copper manufacturer changes the stress state of the metal in the deformation zone through the tension formed by the front and rear reels, so that the three-directional compressive stress becomes the stress state of two-directional compression and consistent tension, resulting in Facilitate the conditions of plastic deformation, and then reduce the rolling force, reduce the bending deflection of the roll, until the effect of adjusting the roll shape.

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