The Solution Of Beryllium Copper Surface Becomes Crude

What should I do if the surface of beryllium copper becomes thicker?

Recently, a customer reported that what is the reason for the thickening of beryllium copper? Did we send the wrong information? Is it C17200 high hardness beryllium copper rod?

At that time, I was puzzled, how could this be? With doubts, I went to the production workshop and asked the employees in the production department. All the above questions about the thickening of beryllium copper were instantly relieved.

Beryllium copper itself has the advantages of high hardness, wear resistance, and appearance lubrication. However, the customary length of our imported beryllium copper is 1 meter, and the customer requested us to process it to 350 mm long, so we use wire cutting to process the beryllium copper rod. Because there is green oil on the wire cutting machine, there is oil stains after cutting, so the employees of our packaging department, when the final shipment, polished with an electric polishing machine, so the original lubricating, bright, and shiny appearance of the beryllium copper rod There is no sense of transparency instantly.

The thickening of NGK beryllium copper does not affect its own quality problems. After the beryllium copper rod is cut, it loses its original luster through polishing. Please feel free to use it. Don’t worry, thank you for your understanding.

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