The Role Of Beryllium Copper In The New Field

Beryllium is a steel gray metal, which is lighter than commonly used aluminum and titanium, but its strength is 4 times that of steel. Nowadays, many supersonic aircraft braking devices are made of beryllium, because it has excellent heat absorption and heat dissipation functions, and the heat generated during “braking” will be quickly lost. When man-made earth satellites and spacecraft pass through the atmosphere at high speeds, the body and air molecules collide with high temperatures. Beryllium serves as their “heat-proof jacket”, which can absorb a lot of heat and announce it quickly.

After entering the 1960s, we have applied a broad and important new field for the use of beryllium: manufacturing alloys, especially the manufacturing of beryllium copper alloys-beryllium copper. Copper is much softer than steel, and its flexibility and ability to resist corrosion are not strong. But after adding some beryllium to copper, the function of copper has undergone an amazing change: beryllium copper containing 1% to 3.5% beryllium has excellent mechanical functions and enhanced hardness, so it has become used to make hairsprings in watches, high-speed bearings, etc. Excellent information.

Nickel-containing beryllium copper has a very valuable feature, that is, it does not spark when it is hit. This feature is very important for manufacturing special things for military industry, petroleum, and mining. In the defense industry, beryllium copper alloys are also required for the key moving parts of aero engines.

According to beryllium copper manufacturers, beryllium copper is one of the most excellent elastic alloys among copper alloys. It has excellent thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, non-magnetic properties, and low elastic hysteresis. Beryllium copper-tin alloy is used to make springs that work at high temperatures. This kind of spring still maintains excellent elasticity and durability in the state of red heat, and can be compressed hundreds of millions of times. Therefore, beryllium copper strips can be used to manufacture electronic connector contacts, switch contacts, key components such as diaphragms, diaphragms, bellows, spring washers, micro-motor brushes and commutators, electrical connectors, wall clock parts, Audio components, etc., are widely used in industries such as surfaces, instruments, computers, cars, and home appliances.

Beryllium Copper Advantages

  • It has high strength, hardness, wear resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, and corrosion resistance. It is non-magnetic and non-impact sparks. Can be used as punches, bearings, gears, inner inserts, mold cores, wear plates, explosion-proof materials, etc.
  • It has high electrical and thermal conductivity, and ability to reproduce precise patterns. It can be used for warm runner cooling system, heat conduction nozzle, welding electrode materials, glasses, hardware for decoration of daily necessities, etc.
  • Instead of steel materials, make molds with high precision and messy shapes, improve demolding speed, overcome metal slag sticking and corrosion of molds, reduce production costs, and make mold life close to the imported level.

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