The Difference Between Hard State And Soft State Of Copper Tube

Red copper pipe is a kind of non-ferrous metal pipe, which is pressed and drawn seamless pipe.

The characteristics of the copper tube are light weight, good thermal conductivity, high low temperature strength and corrosion resistance. Because of these high-quality properties of copper tubes, the use of copper tubes is very common. So in the process of use, what is the difference between the hard copper tube and the soft copper tube? What is the difference between the two in specific applications?

The hard copper tube is not artificially processed after the copper tube is drawn or extruded, allowing it to form naturally. At this time, the structure of the copper tube is already full. This type of copper tube is more likely to crack and is not suitable for bending. Therefore, the hard copper tube is generally straight.

The production method of soft copper tube is basically the same as that of hard copper tube, that is, an annealing process is added compared with hard copper tube. Copper tube annealing is calcination in a high-temperature furnace to change the arrangement of the element structure in the copper tube. However, the copper tube after annealing will become softer, which makes it more convenient to bend. The copper tube is called soft copper tube.

The difference between hard and soft copper tubes in use

The hard copper pipe can only be used as a straight pipe and cannot be bent. Therefore, it is generally used in power plants and electrical equipment switches, and there are some places where the connection point is relatively far and does not need to be bent. , Compared with soft copper tube, its price will be lower. Although the name of the soft copper tube is a soft tube, it can also be used as a hard tube. Therefore, the soft copper tube is used in more places, and it can be used in a straight tube or in a coiled tube. Way to use. Coiled tubes can make the length of the copper tube longer. If the connection point is relatively long, it can be cut according to the length at will, so as to prevent leakage when welding the copper tube. Soft copper pipes are often used in some refrigerators, air conditioners and other places where curved pipes are used.

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