C17200 Can Be Used As High Air Tightness Casting

In addition, C17200 beryllium copper tape often participates in phosphorus, zinc, lead and other elements. It is an alloy that has been used early by mankind. It has been used for about 6,000 years. It has good mechanical and technological functions, and can be welded and brazed excellently without sparks during impact. The beryllium content of C17200 beryllium copper strip for pressure processing. The beryllium content of C17200 beryllium copper strip. C17200 beryllium copper strip is a non-ferrous metal alloy with a small casting shortening rate. It can be used to produce castings with messy shapes, clear generalizations and low air tightness requirements.

C17200 beryllium copper belt is used in the atmosphere, sea water, fresh water and steam, for steam boilers and marine ship parts. Phosphorus-containing C17200 beryllium copper belt has excellent mechanical properties and can be used as grinding parts and elastic parts of high-precision machine tools. Lead-containing C17200 beryllium copper tape is often used for grinding parts and sliding bearings. Zinc-containing C17200 beryllium copper strip can be used as high-airtight castings.

The high-function C17200 beryllium copper tape is mainly a low pressure around some non-ferrous metals. If it is used in a gravity casting mold, it has working conditions. After some in-depth research, it can be the cause of the failure of the material of beryllium bronze. Above, there is a relationship between this composition and the corrosion resistance of molten metal.

It can well develop a high-performance beryllium bronze mold material that combines high conductivity, heat resistance, wear resistance, high resistance, and corrosion resistance of molten metal, which can more solve the domestic non-ferrous metals, gravity or Low-pressure casting molds have problems such as simple cracks and simple wear, resulting in significant mold life, demolding speed and a gradual strength.

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