Excellent Surface Quality Of Beryllium Copper Tape

Beryllium copper tape is a copper matrix alloy material with beryllium as the main element. Its scope of application only uses beryllium copper material under the requirements of high thermal conductivity, high hardness and high wear resistance. Beryllium copper can be divided into strips, plates, rods, wires, and tubes in the form of materials. If it is distinguished by the physical functions of beryllium copper, there are generally three types. 1: High elasticity 2: High thermal conductivity, high hardness 3: High hardness and high wear resistance used on the electrode.

The characteristics of beryllium copper tape:

Excellent surface quality: The beryllium copper tape is very suitable for surface finishing, which can be directly electroplated, and the adhesion performance is very good, and the polishing treatment of the beryllium copper tape is also very easy.

High thermal penetration rate: In addition to the thermal conductivity of the mold, the thermal penetration rate of the mold material is also very important for plastic products. On the mold using beryllium copper tape, the overheating trace can be eliminated. If the thermal penetration rate is low, The contact temperature of the distal region of the mold wall will be higher, which will increase the temperature difference of the mold, and in extreme cases will cause the temperature of the region to change from the sink mark at one end of the plastic product to the trace of overheated product at the other end .

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