Manufacturing Method Of Bimetal Die Casting Punch

Beryllium bronze is generally medium-strength copper alloy and has a high elastic coefficient, with elastic material properties. In addition, it has excellent heat resistance, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, electrical resistance, and more free space in the design of parts, which makes the parts more compact. It is indeed a high-grade raw material. It is stretched before aging hardening. Sex is very good. The age hardening treatment should be carried out after cnc machining and forming.

Since die-casting punches are necessary consumable parts for die-casting manufacturers, quality and cost reduction are imperative. The utility model uses a casting process to cast cast iron and beryllium bronze into one body, so that its cost is equivalent to that of ductile iron punches (considering material recycling), and beryllium bronze has good wear resistance, thermal conductivity and high toughness. Its economic and social benefits are very significant.

The use of beryllium bronze has good wear resistance, thermal conductivity and toughness, and the use of beryllium bronze die-casting punches has a service life of at least tens of thousands of times (if it is heat treated and strengthened, its life will be longer, up to 15,000 times to 20,000 times). But because of its high price, most manufacturers prefer to use ductile iron punches. After searching, no better product of the same kind was found.

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