The Composition And Materials Of The Shielded Room

The composition of the shielded computer room

The shielded machine room is composed of shielded shell, shielded door, power filter, telephone filter, signal filter, ventilation waveguide and cut-off waveguide.

1.Shielding shell

The electromagnetic shielding data center computer room adopts cold-rolled steel plate welding structure. The frame of the shielding shell is welded with high-quality channel steel, square steel and section steel to form a grid, and the ground, wall and top are welded with high-quality cold-rolled steel plates with a thickness of 2~2.5mm. With high strength and rigidity, it can fully play the role of physical protection and electromagnetic protection.

2. Screen door

The performance of the shielded room depends on whether there is a high-performance shielded door. The shielded door is crimped with the “knife” on the door panel by using the reed to increase the leakage electromagnetic wave path to achieve the Leaked requirements.

3.Power filter

Filtering is to use the spectral characteristics of the device to control the flow of harmful interference or absorb interference to achieve the purpose of controlling interference. Filtering technology is one of the main means to suppress conducted interference, and it is also an important measure to improve the ability of electronic equipment to resist conducted interference.

4. Ventilation waveguide

By calculating the air volume, selecting the area and number of ventilation waveguides, install hexagonal honeycomb-shaped ventilation waveguide windows on the shielding shell. The ventilation waveguide window is constructed according to the microwave theory (cut-off waveguide) and strict technology, using a mold to make a hexagonal honeycomb-shaped cut-off waveguide through vacuum lead welding.

  • Using frequency: 10kHz~10GHz
  • Shielding effectiveness: 100dB

5. Cut-off waveguide

  • F=17.5/d
  • Where: f-cutoff frequency.
  • D—the diameter inside the circular waveguide.

For the integrated wiring system, the optical cable enters the shielded computer room. The optical cable enters the shielded computer room through the waveguide, and the length L of the waveguide is greater than 6d. In the shielded computer room, the electrical signal is converted into an optical signal through the optical transceiver, and then the optical fiber is passed through the cut-off waveguide, and the optical signal is converted into an electrical signal outside the shielded computer room.

Common shielding materials

1.Rubber core woven mesh shielding gasket

Rubber and metal wires are optional (Monel wire, tinned steel core copper wire), which are used in chassis, cabinet gap shielding, shielding rooms and shielding shelters. There are two ways of groove mounting and surface mounting.

2.Conductive rubber shielding gasket

  • A. conductive rubber sheet
  • B.conductive rubber shielding strip
  • C.double-layer conductive rubber shielding gasket

Inner layer: silicone rubber, outer layer: conductive rubber.

3.Beryllium copper reed shielding gasket

The reed made of beryllium copper is suitable for the gap design of communication, computer, shielded room, shielded shelter and other equipment. It not only solves the problem that other gaskets cannot withstand tangential movement, but also has high shielding effectiveness, and at the same time has the characteristics of high thermal conductivity and good pressure resistance.

4.Conductive adhesive

  • A.silicone grease conductive adhesive:Application: conductive rubber plate and metal bonding; conductive rubber strip and metal bonding.
  • B.epoxy conductive adhesive:Application: metal-to-metal bonding; printed circuit board circuit connection; microwave component lead connection; wire mesh shielding strip fixing.

5. Conductive filler (conductive putty)

Application: Used for shielding in gaps where shielding gaskets cannot be added.

6. Magnetic field shielding material

Working frequency or magnetic field shielding below 100kHz needs to provide extremely low magnetic resistance surface to complete, magnetic field shielding material provides high permeability shielding material.

7.Shielding glass

Application: Electronic devices need light-transmitting windows, such as CRT, instrumentation night crystal display windows.

8. Transparent conductive polyester film

Electronic equipment display window shielding, light transmittance: 70%, best shielding effectiveness: 40~60dB.

9.Shielding ventilation plate

10.Shielding tape

  • A. electromagnetic shielding tape
  • B. conductive flange protection tape

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