The Solution Treatment Of Beryllium Copper

The material is heated to a temperature slightly below the solidus temperature for a certain time to make the maximum solution of beryllium, and then quenched to room temperature to form a supersaturated solid solution.

Generally, the heating temperature for solution treatment is between 780°C and 820°C. Regarding the material used as the elastic element, use 760-780°C to prevent the thickness of the crystal grain from affecting the strength. The temperature uniformity of the solution should be strictly controlled at ±5°C. The insulation time can be calculated based on 1 hour/25mm. The imported beryllium copper is solid solution heat treated in air or oxidizing atmosphere, and an oxide film will be formed on the surface. Although the mechanical properties have little effect after aging, it will affect the cold working life of the mold. In order to prevent oxidation, it should be heated in a vacuum furnace or ammonia decomposition, inert gas, restored atmosphere (such as hydrogen, carbon monoxide, etc.) to obtain a bright heat treatment effect. In addition, we should also pay attention to minimize the transfer time (such quenching water), otherwise it will affect the mechanical properties after aging. Thin materials shall not exceed 3 seconds, and general parts shall not exceed 5 seconds. The quenching medium generally uses water (no heating is required). Of course, oil can also be used for the shape of messy parts to prevent deformation.

The material is vacuum smelted, hot rolled, cold rolled and special heat treatment process, with high strength, high elasticity, non-magnetic, wear-resistant, low temperature resistance, non-magnetic, high conductivity, no spark impact and other advantages. And has excellent fluidity and the ability to reproduce precision. Known as the king of non-ferrous metal elasticity, it is widely used in aerospace, electrical appliances, mining, petroleum, communication equipment, surface surfaces, and home appliances industries. It is mainly used for flexible connectors and thermostatic components.

High-performance imported beryllium copper hardness (HRC) is between 38-43, density is 8.3g/cm3, beryllium 1.9%-2.15%, widely used in plastic injection molding mold inserts, mandrels, die-casting punches, hot-run cooling systems , Hot nozzle, total cavity of blow mold, car mold, wear plate, etc.

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