Titanium Copper For Mould And Die

C17200 titanium copper is a copper-based alloy containing beryllium (Be1.8~2.0%wt%). It is a kind of widely used beryllium alloys. Its consumption has exceeded the percentage of total beryllium consumption in the world today. Of seventy. Titanium copper is a precipitation hardening alloy. After solution aging treatment, it has high strength, hardness, elasticity and fatigue, small elastic hysteresis, and corrosion resistance (the corrosion resistance rate of titanium copper alloy in seawater: (1.1-1.4) 10- 2mm/year. Corrosion depth: (10.9-13.8) 10-3mm/year.) After corrosion, there is no change in the strength and elongation of the titanium-copper alloy.

The Characteristics of C17200 Titanium Copper

  • 1. Sufficient hardness and strength: After many tests, engineers can find out and master the good hardening conditions of beryllium copper alloy precipitation and good working conditions and the mass characteristics of beryllium copper (this point is Beryllium-copper alloy is a prelude to the application of formal products in the market); beryllium-copper materials need to go through multiple cycles of tests before they are applied to plastic molds to determine good physical properties and chemical compositions that meet manufacturing and processing; theory and Proved by practice-The desktop hardness of C17200 titanium copper can reach the hardness, strength, high thermal conductivity required for plastic mold manufacturing when HRC36-42, the characteristics of simple and convenient machining, long mold life and saving development and production cycles, etc. .
  • 2. Good thermal conductivity: the thermal conductivity of beryllium copper material is beneficial to control the temperature of the plastic processing mold, and it is also easier to control the molding cycle, while ensuring the uniformity of the mold wall temperature; if compared with the steel mold, the molding of beryllium copper The cycle is much smaller, and the average temperature of the mold can be reduced by about 20%. When the difference between the average ejection temperature and the average wall temperature of the mold is small (for example, when the mold parts are not easy to be cooled), use the beryllium copper mold material to cool The time can be reduced by 40%. The mold wall temperature is only reduced by 15%; the characteristics of the above beryllium copper mold materials will bring several benefits to mold manufacturers using this material to shorten the molding cycle and increase productivity; the uniformity of mold wall temperature improves the quality of drawn products; The mold structure is simplified because the cooling pipes are reduced; the material temperature can be increased, thereby reducing the wall thickness of the product and reducing the cost of the product.
  • 3. Long service life of the mold: Budgeting the cost of the mold and the continuity of production, the expected service life of the mold is very important for the manufacturer. When the strength and hardness of the beryllium copper meet the requirements, the temperature of the beryllium copper Stress insensitivity can greatly increase the service life of the mold. Before determining the use of beryllium copper mold materials, the yield strength, elastic modulus, thermal conductivity and temperature expansion coefficient of beryllium copper should also be considered. The resistance of beryllium copper to thermal stress is much stronger than that of die steel. From this point of view, the service life of C17200 titanium copper is remarkable.
  • 4. High thermal penetration rate: In addition to the thermal conductivity, the thermal penetration rate of the mold material is also very important for plastic products. On the mold using beryllium copper, it can eliminate the traces of overheating. If the thermal penetration rate is low, The contact temperature of the distal region of the mold wall will be higher, which will increase the temperature difference of the mold, and in special circumstances will cause the temperature of the region to change from the sink mark at one end of the plastic product to the trace of overheated product at the other end .
  • 5. Excellent surface quality: Titanium copper is very suitable for surface finishing, which can be directly electroplated, and the adhesion performance is very good. The polishing treatment of C17200 titanium copper is also very easy.

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