The Advantages Of Air Conditioning Copper Pipe Production Process

Air Conditioning Copper Pipe Production Technology

1. Up-citation

This production method is electrolytic copper after the copper tube is directly melted.

Advantages: low investment cost, low production cost, high output and low price.

Disadvantages: The pipeline structure is loose and cannot withstand high pressure. It is only suitable for the production of small air-conditioning copper pipes.

2. Continuous casting and rolling method

This production method is to directly cast hollow copper billets after electrolytic copper smelting, and use planetary rolling to produce copper tubes.

Advantages: low production cost and high production efficiency.

Disadvantages: Due to the loose organization and high pressure resistance, the pipeline is limited to the production of small air-conditioning copper rods.

3. Extrusion method

This production method is to cast a copper ingot after smelting, and then extrude the copper tube from a large extruder after secondary heating.

Advantages: good quality, fine structure, high density, high pressure resistance, large bending deformation, suitable for frequent cold and heat exchange, large temperature difference in working environment, and large-size copper pipes can be produced.

Disadvantages: low output, high production cost, and high price. Extruded copper pipe method is a stable and excellent copper pipe production method at home and abroad. Only the copper pipe produced by this process is more suitable for the HVAC field and is the future development direction of the copper pipe industry.

The advantages and scope of application of copper pipe ground heating

At present, floor heating is not only a comfortable heating method, but also a sign of modern life quality. More and more houses, public buildings, sports facilities, industrial facilities and other places are beginning to use floor heating.

Radiator is an important part of ground warming. Due to the corrosion resistance of copper, copper tubes are used as the main material of the radiator in many places. Let us explain the advantages of copper tube materials:

Copper pipe floor heating refers to a heating method in which hot water is used as the heating medium to circulate in the copper pipe heating pipe to heat the floor and heat the floor through the ground in the form of radiation and convection heat exchange. One. The copper pipe has fast heat dissipation effect and strong heat resistance, even in the case of high temperature water supply, it still does not affect the life of the floor heating pipe. Two. Copper pipe is a metal pipe, so it is not easy to scratch. Therefore, it is not easy to leak. Three. High temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, compared to any ordinary plastic pipe. The copper pipe floor keeps warm, resistant to high temperature and pressure. Four. long lasting. Five. The material of the water separator is the same, the expansion coefficient is the same, and the connection with the water separator is not easy to leak. Scope of application: Because copper pipes are more expensive, more than twice as expensive as plastic pipes, the cost of floor heating systems is higher.

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