The Advantages Of Brass

Anyone who knows red copper knows that there is a big difference between brass and red copper. The main component of red copper is copper, while the components of brass are copper and zinc. It is suitable for pressure machining under cold conditions and is suitable for welding and brazing. , It’s all because brass has a lot of material components. Many people don’t know the advantages of brass when they buy. The following staff will share the advantages of brass for everyone.

Brass is an object made of an alloy of copper and zinc. It is named for its yellow color. Brass with a copper content of 56% to 68% has a melting point of 934 to 967 degrees. Brass has good mechanical properties and wear resistance, and can be used to manufacture precision instruments, ship parts, and gun shells. Generally, there is a relatively large amount of precision copper parts such as auto parts, medical parts, and electrical parts.

The advantages of brass material:

  1. It has high strength, good plasticity, can withstand cold and hot pressure processing well, and has good welding and corrosion resistance. Used for condensation and heat dissipation pipes, siphon pipes, serpentine pipes, cooling equipment parts.
  2. It has extremely good plasticity and high strength, good cutting performance, easy to weld, not stable to general corrosion, but easy to crack. It is the most widely used variety among ordinary brass. Used for complex cold-drawn and deep-drawn parts, such as radiator shells, ducts, bellows, cartridge cases, gaskets, etc.
  3. The cheapest price, high strength, hardness and poor plasticity, but can still withstand pressure processing well under hot conditions, corrosion resistance is general, and other properties are similar to H62. Used for general machine parts, welding parts, hot stamping and hot rolling parts.
  4. It has good mechanical properties, good plasticity in hot state and good plasticity in cold state, good machinability, easy brazing and welding, corrosion resistance, but easy to produce corrosion cracking. In addition, the price is cheap, and it is an ordinary brass variety that is used by repeated offenders.
  5. It has high strength, toughness, good anti-friction properties, high corrosion resistance in the atmosphere and seawater, but has a tendency to corrode and crack, and has good plasticity under hot conditions. Used to make structural parts that work under friction and seawater corrosion conditions.

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