The Application Difference Between Brass And Copper

In order to save costs, many manufacturers use brass instead of copper, which confuses the distinction between brass and copper, which may cause a lot of waste. So what is the difference between brass and copper in application?

Red copper and brass composition and basic parameter analysis

Brass: An alloy composed of copper and zinc is called ordinary brass, and a variety of alloys composed of more than two elements is called special brass; its composition is about 60% copper and 40% zinc, and individual grades contain About 1% of lead is impurity; density 8.52-8.62 (rolled brass) is small; electrical conductivity is low; corrosion resistance is poor; cutting ability is good.

Red copper: The copper content has reached 99.9%, which is a relatively pure type of copper, which can generally be approximated as pure copper; density 8.9-8.95 (electrolytic copper) is slightly larger; higher conductivity; better corrosion resistance; cutting performance Poor.

Application performance

Combining the above characteristics: brass can be used to make sheets, bars, bars, pipes, casting parts, etc. 62% to 68% copper, strong plasticity, manufacturing pressure-resistant equipment, etc., brass seamless pipes can be used for heat exchangers and condensers, cryogenic pipelines, submarine transportation pipes.

There is also outstanding cutting performance

Red copper is malleable. Pure copper the size of a drop of water can be drawn to two kilometers of filaments, or rolled into almost transparent foil larger than the bed. The use of pure copper is much broader than pure iron. Every year, 50% of the copper is electrolytically purified into pure copper, which is used in the electrical industry. At this time, the pure copper contains more than 99.95% copper.

After the above detailed analysis, I believe it will be of great help to copper users. Don’t choose the one that is not suitable for you because of the price, otherwise it may cause greater losses in the later stage.

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