The Toxicity Comparison Between Copper And Brass

Copper is a product that can be seen everywhere in our lives. We all know that copper is very powerful in electrical conductivity. However, there are many other copper products, such as brass, so does copper product affect our body, copper and copper Which brass is good for your health? Let the relevant personnel explain it below.

  1. Brass contains many impurities, including lead, tin, etc., which are very toxic and easily cause poisoning. If used for food tools, it is easy to cause chronic poisoning.
  2. Compared with brass, red copper has almost no impurities. If it is used as a food tool, it is definitely the best choice. And after treatment, there is generally little effect. But copper itself is toxic, so you still need to pay attention.
  3. When using red copper, it is not a big problem as long as it is not oxidized to cuprous oxide. So although it won’t be good for the body, it won’t be bad. It has not been recorded in other medical literature.

Therefore, between copper and brass, copper is better for the body, but we must pay attention to the method of use to prevent poisoning caused by improper use.

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