Cu25W75 Tungsten Copper Rod And Bar

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Copper Tungsten alloys are used where the combination of high heat resistance, high electrical and thermal conductivity, and low thermal expansion are needed.

>>> Cu25W75 Tungsten Copper Details

  • Brand:Wonder Copper
  • Model No.:JS-TCP-180410
  • Test:Tungsten copper bar,Tungsten copper rod
  • MOQ: As the customers need! Very small quatity is ok for us!
  • Lead time:5-15 days
  • Stock size is about 3-5days.Customized size is about 5-15days.
  • Express: DHL, FedEx,TNT,Special line,etc.

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>>> Cu25W75 Tungsten Copper Specifications

By selecting high purity tungsten powder and oxygen-free copper, all of our tungsten coppers are produced by sintering and infiltrating process.
  1. The composition of tungsten and copper are well-proportioned and accurate percentaged;
  2. Tungsten coppers are precisely machined with high thermo stability, high arc resistance and high strength;
  3. Copper tungstgen has high electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity;

>>> Typical Mechanical Properties(W: 75% Cu: 25%)

  • Hardness: 94-96 HRB / 210 HV
  • Melting Point: 3410oC (Tungsten) 1083oC (Copper)
  • Boiling Point: 5660oC (tungsten) 2595oC (Copper)
  • Bending Strength: min 885 MPA
  • Electrical Conductivity: min 42% IACS

>>> Tungsten Copper Applications

Copper Tungsten alloys are used where the combination of high heat resistance, high electrical and thermal conductivity, and low thermal expansion are needed.
Some of the applications are in electric resistance welding, as electrical contacts, and as heat sinks.
Used extensively in engineering, electrical and electron industries as well as in metallurgy and in aviation.
Combining advantageous attributes of high conductivity of copper and low expansive property of tungsten, it is highly suitable for use in dense circuits and high voltage electrical devices, heat sinks, electrical contacts and electrodes.
Widely used in chip carriers, substrates and frames for power and semiconductor devices.
  1. Tungsten copper is widely used in many industrial areas such as aerospace, power, electronic, metallurgy, and machinery;
  2. It is also used for cooling device in electronic equipment;
  3. Tungsten copper is also adopted as electrodes in resistance welding machine;
  4. Arcing contacts and vacuum contacts in high and medium voltage breakers or vacuum interrupters adopt it as material;
  5. It is adopted as passive cooling element in heat sink for electronic devices and electronic packaging materials;
  6. Tungsten copper can be used as the component of the pushing device in spacecrafts.
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>>> Tungsten Copper Main Products

  1. Tungsten&molybdenum profiles (rods,bars,tubes,plates,sheets of tungsten,molybdenum and their alloys).
  2. Balance weight of tungsten heavy alloy (for motors,watches,golf clubes ,propellers).
  3. Power automotive industry (tungsten copper switches,contactors,tungsten contactors)
  4. Magnetron sputtering targets (flat panel displays,photovoltaic).
  5. Vacuum coating industry (evaporation boat,cathode,evaporation coils,crucibles)
  6. Quartz,glass and rare earth smelting industry (electrode,spinning nozzle,crucibles)
  7. Parts for medical equipment (collimator device of CT machine,mammography target of X ray machine).
  8. Electronics industry (ion implantation components,MOCVD machine parts,electron gun parts)
  9. Nuclear aerospace and military industry (carrying boat,radiation shield,tungsten crucible for renewable nuclear fuel,rocket nozzle,throat,penetrator)
  10. Vacuum or gas protected high temperature furnace material (sintering furnace,monocrystalline furnace,annealing furnace)
  11. Tungsten and molybdenum crucible(spinning,forging,sintering,welding),heating element.
  12. Heat shield,shelves,tray,hooks,seed holder,cylinder,pallet,screw,nut.
  13. Complete hot zone for sapphire crystal growth furnace (KY,ESG,CZ,HEM)

>>> Profiles Available

  • Round Bar
  • Rectangular
  • Tube
  • Tapping Electrode

>>> Packaging&Delivery

Packaging & Delivery:
Packaging Details:in plywood cases or in wooden cases
Delivery Time:abt.5-15 days and depends on the purchases
quantityDelivery Details : 3-30 days after order.

>>> Certificate

China Wonder copper has passed ISO9001:2015 certification, trademark certification and more. With sincere service, customers from all over the world are welcome to visit the factory.
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