Advanced Materials Solutions Solve Huge Challenges Of Aerospace Industry

Few environments are worse than those encountered in aerospace applications. Extreme temperatures, friction, and vibration can threaten the integrity of mission-critical components. Wonder provides many high-performance materials and special alloys designed to solve the challenges posed by the harsh environment faced by our aerospace customers, including:

  • High performance alloy
  • Metal Matrix Composite
  • Precision Optics
  • Aviation Coatings

High-performance alloys meet the extreme needs of aerospace

High and low temperatures, shock loads, and severe vibrations are just some of the extreme conditions that materials will encounter in aerospace applications. Our special alloys designed to meet these needs include:

  • M25 alloy provides high fatigue strength and tensile strength for the connector in the signal contact.
  • Brush1915® alloy has high conductivity and good formability, and can be used for cold or cold forming into power contacts and connectors.
  • Alloy 25 provides higher strength for static and dynamic bushings and bearings used in landing gear, fuselage, actuators and horizontal stabilizers.
  • ToughMet® alloy has unparalleled anti-wear and anti-wear properties, making it very suitable for undercarriage, engine hangers, fuselage, actuators, and control surfaces and horizontal stabilizer bushings and bearings.

Metal matrix composites reduce the weight of aerospace components

Our lightweight metal matrix composites (MMC) meet the requirements for high strength and stiffness, and can be optimized for a range of aerospace applications.

  • AlBeMet® and AlBeCast® composite materials combine the high modulus and low density characteristics of beryllium with the manufacturing and mechanical properties of aluminum.
  • The electronic material beryllium oxide-beryllium MMC has excellent thermal management performance and can work normally as a part of the light radiator of electronic circuits.
  • SupremEX®MMC provides high strength and rigidity while reducing weight, making it ideal for engine components or aircraft and satellite structures.

Thin film solutions that can protect aerospace applications

Advanced thin film solutions that can withstand extreme physical and environmental conditions. Film products and services include:

  • Refractory coating can protect the leading edge surfaces of turbine blades and nose cones.
  • High temperature and wear resistant ceramic tiles can shield spacecraft when the atmosphere enters.
  • Customized chemical synthesis and manufacturing processes can produce proprietary materials for advanced applications.
  • Expert guidance on material selection can speed up development time and reduce development costs
Aerospace certification and accreditation

Our facilities are fully compliant with requirements and run various international and industry quality management systems established processes. These include:

  • AS 9100 D and ISO 9001:2015 Aerospace Quality Management System.
  • Nadcap certification is used for heat treatment, and Nadcap certification is used for material testing.

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