SupremEX Metal Matrix Composites-Save Weight With Structural Components

The use of advanced materials in automotive structures is critical to meeting stricter, mandatory fuel efficiency and lower emission standards.
SupremEX® metal matrix composite material (MMC) is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and reinforced with nanometer to micrometer ceramic particles. It has a unique combination of properties and can provide advantageous automotive applications in BIW and other structures. Including chassis, suspension and brake components. They combine the lightweight properties of aluminum with outstanding strength and stiffness.
With enhanced isotropic modulus and strength, SupremeEX composites can reduce chassis weight by 20% to 25% without sacrificing performance or driver safety. These MMCs have excellent fatigue performance, ability to withstand impact damage and improved vibration damping, thereby ensuring good handling and smooth driving.
SupremEX products can be used to replace aluminum, titanium, steel, carbon fiber and other structural alloys and composite materials.

Light weight, high strength, high rigidity

Automakers have used aluminum profiles, carbon fiber and other materials to reduce weight, and SupremEX composites have advantages in both materials. SupremEX composite materials are available in several grades, with different metal to reinforcement ratios and combinations of physical and mechanical properties to meet application requirements.

SUPREMEX 620XF extruder

SupremEX 620XF is a conventional 6061B alloy reinforced with 20% ultrafine (0.7 mm) SiC ceramics. Standard precision extrusion equipment and tool steel molds can be used to extrude this metal composite material into complex sections.
The high specific stiffness and strength of 620XF provide design advantages for BIW applications. The flexural modulus of the extruded profile made of SupremEX 620XF is similar to the equivalent titanium profile (aluminum weight). Compared with the traditional aluminum alloy, by using the improved stiffness of 620XF, a chassis with improved torsional stiffness or reduced weight can be produced.
SupremEX 620XF can be connected using a variety of standard techniques, including: cold metal transfer (CMT) welding, adhesives, friction welding and rivets, self-piercing rivets (SPR), self-piercing and crimping (SPAC) nuts.

SUPREMEX 225XE for suspension and brake components

SupremEX 225XE is an AA2124A alloy reinforced with 25% ultrafine (3.0 mm) SiC ceramics. Compared with conventional aluminum alloys, this material has higher specific stiffness at room temperature and high temperature, significantly improved wear performance and excellent fatigue performance. For braking and suspension components, the main advantages of the 225XE include:

  • Rigidity-Allows for lightweight designs with high component stiffness. For the suspension components, this means reduced unsprung mass, thereby improving vehicle dynamics. For brake calipers, improved stiffness can enhance braking performance.
  • Fatigue performance-Allows lightweight design, and has a longer part life at room temperature and high temperature.
  • Thermal stability and strength-Even if exposed to high temperatures for a long time, it can extend the service life of the caliper and reduce the chance of deformation during severe use.
  • Wear resistance and thermal expansion-Provides excellent wear resistance, which is essential for pincer piston bores. Likewise, the lower thermal expansion of the material reduces the deformation of parts and components within the operating temperature range of the brake.

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