Optical Sensors Provide Performance, Reliability And Value To The Automotive Market

Modern vehicles integrate a variety of sensors to provide data about performance, safety and comfort. Wonder is the preferred supplier of precision optical filters and thin film coatings for these automotive applications. Innovative technologies provide customers in the automotive market with performance, reliability and value, and change the way consumers interact with vehicles to improve overall experience, safety and satisfaction.

Leading position in cutting-edge technology

Wonder’s cutting-edge technology is used to produce precision optical sensors that can meet the industry’s demand for superior safety systems and autonomous driving functions. Wonder’s optical sensors ensure excellent performance and play a key role in the key functions of modern cars, including:

  • Safety
  • Fuel consumption
  • Powertrain and chassis
  • Stability
  • Internal cabin
  • Diving experience

Wonder optical sensor technology can provide reliable and economical performance to help system designers meet the needs and challenges of their industry.

Unique location to meet your most demanding challenges

With the advancement of technology, future automobiles will increasingly need multifunctional and dynamic optical sensors to realize their systems. Wonder’s cutting-edge optical filter manufacturing technology allows us to produce precision optics for a wide range of applications including fuel sensors and sensor cameras. With our technical expertise and extensive resources, we are in a unique position to provide solutions to the most demanding challenges of automotive customers.

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